Couples Conference

Thank You to everyone who attended Couples Conference 2017
We’ll return again in Fall 2018!

October 27th & 28th, 2017

Couples Conference


Is Your Relationship


10399587_10207615081987494_8919963757783655867_nAsking that question is difficult for most of us. Answering it truthfully, can be even harder.

Great Relationships don’t just happen, they require a foundation built on Faith and bound together with Love, Honor, Fidelity and Effort.

Learning to recognize the signs of a healthy relationship is just as important as responding to the symptoms of a deteriorating one. Our annual Couples Conference is designed to introduce you to the principles of building, repairing and maintaining a loving life long relationship.


“Goofy Footing In The Seas Of Spiritual Surfing”

This year’s conference is being led by Retired Pastor and Teaching Elder Advocate Don Mason with the message “Goofy Footing in the Seas of Spiritual Surfing”

Don and his wife Jo Ann are excited to be leading us as they share the Word of God and explain how His truths can transform a relationship. In the Bible1689851_10207615082027495_1749776283796474743_n we see that God has already provided a set of blueprints for building a truly God honoring marriage…..His plan is designed to enable a man and woman to grow together in a mutually satisfying relationship, and then to reach out to others with the love of Christ.

The conference takes place at Club Zion in a relaxed and informal setting where you’ll enjoy good food and fellowship with other people seeking answers on love and life through God’s Word. Together we will learn the secrets to a fulfilling and God honoring relationship.

You do not have to be a married couple to be a part of this conference – if you are dating, thinking about marriage, or just need advice from a Godly perspective then please join us.


FRIDAY  OCTOBER 27th   5:00 pm thru’ 8:15 pm    (Dinner will be served)
SATURDAY  OCTOBER 22nd   8:30 am thru’ 12:30 pm   (Breakfast included)

*Please note there is child care being offered this year for ages 5 – 11

2017 Couples Conference Agenda

Download Conference Agenda

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For more information call the church office at 321-799-4340


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