Church Leadership

eldersLeadership in any endeavor places many responsibilities on those chosen to perform those duties. From matters of financial accountability to being responsive to the diverse needs of the people within the organization, leadership demands a great personal commitment and dedication to others.

Leadership at Club Zion holds all of those same responsibilities, but also brings the added measure of faithful dedication to learning and sharing the inerrant Word of God, seeking and providing Fellowship, guiding and nurturing members of the congregation, and serving both Jesus Christ our Lord and those who have chosen to follow Him.

Because we so highly value the people who perform these duties tirelessly on behalf of all of us at Club Zion, we wanted to introduce you to them by telling you a bit more about who they are and the wonderful things they do.

The Elders

 Jim Schafer – Keith Capizzi – Ryan Osteen – John Simpson

Please contact the church office for assistance at (321) 799-4340 or email: for more information

Keith Capizzi – Senior Pastor

Jim Schafer – Pastor

John Simpson- Assistant Pastor & Minister of Music

The Deacons

Please contact the church office for assistance at (321) 799-4340 or email: for more information

Jay and Deaconess Judith Kelso- Lead Deacon

Bill and Deaconess Pam Kabboord

Frank and Deaconess Fran Quattrocchi

Robert and Deaconess Robin Rokobaure

Tim and Deaconess Kathy Cool

Mike and Deaconess Pixie Zubey

Robbie and Deaconess Jekaterina Sigman

Deacons are selected and appointed by the Pastor and Church Elders. There are currently 7 deacons at Club Zion who attend to the physical needs of the church body while providing fellowship, guidance and support to members of the congregation. They often hold leadership roles and serve in the various ministries at the church. If married, they are joined and aided in their duties by their wives (Deaconess). A deacon is present and involved in all activities at Club Zion. The deacons also handle the Benevolence requests for the church, securing the facilities on Sunday & Tuesday and minor maintenance & repairs across the campus.

Church Administrator & Secretary

To be Announced – Email

Ministry Leaders – Click on the Ministry Leaders Picture for their Ministry Web Page. Please contact the church office for assistance at (321) 799-4340 or email: for more information

Ministry Leaders are responsible for the daily operation of our ministries and the delivery of services to congregation members. This includes coordination of resources, scheduling of volunteers, and communication between their various internal and external partners. These dedicated people make themselves available whenever needed by the Pastor, Elders, or Deacons. They also provide hands on assistance to their volunteers and work directly with anyone seeking services from their ministry. Compassion, fellowship, and a desire to serve Jesus our Lord and His followers are qualities demonstrated by those selected to be our ministry leaders.

Community Outreach

To Be Announced

CZ Cafe’

To Be Announced

CZ Kidz

Eileen Hannemann

CZ Technology Team

Scott Eller

CZ Worship Band


John Simpson

Food Pantry

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Carole Snyder

Foundations In Christ

Jim & Donna Schafer - Foundations in Christ 2

Jim & Donna Schafer

Greeters and Special Events

Casey Hahn - Greeters

Casey Hahn

Grounds Leader

Lenny Bross - Landscape & Grounds

Lenny Bross

Hospital Visitation

Frank Quattrocchi


Melony Kelly

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

Jim Schafer

Support Group for Widows and Widowers

Robert and Robin Rokobauer


Corey & Ed Kinane

Dee Dee Porter

Sound Team

Bill Kabboord

Women’s Fellowship

Casey Hahn

Youth Group

Eric Lira

Club Zion Facility Manager

Raymond Van Slyke

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