Is a ministry birthed out of a need in a society where we have become bound by addictions- such as: alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, and success.


These addictions rob us of the true joys that God provides in this life.


OvercomersBut there is no need for you to face them alone. Overcommers is a ministry founded and maintained by people just like you. People who have faced addiction and with God’s Love and Grace, have become free and live in the spirit of joy and peace.

The first step in overcoming any addiction is to admit that you have a problem. Overcomers provides a platform where you can come share your burdens and have like people to support and encourage you.

The goal for Overcomers is that you become free from any bondage. In that freedom, you will be able to serve the Lord Jesus Christ on a higher level than you ever thought possible, and to have a profound influence on the world around you.

Contact Tim at: 321-403-3141 or email: timothyha@aol.com  or simply use the form below.


We want you to join with us and become an “Overcomer”

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