A New Year Message From Pastor Keith

To The Church at Club Zion

Let us all give a glorious applause to 2016 and all that God accomplished through Club Zion.  It was a year of reaching out and expanding our borders.  We cannot cease giving thanks to our glorious Savior Jesus Christ in God Almighty and for the obvious presence of the power of God through the Holy Spirit.

I have had the privilege of fellowshipping with many pastors in Brevard County and I am overwhelmed by the countless encouragement, praise and recognition of what God is doing through our humble fellowship here at Club Zion.  I am also encouraged by the positive feedback we receive on our weekly radio show that broadcasts on 89.7fm each Sunday @ 9am.

I also want to give thanks for all the hard work that was done in completing and revising our beautiful website that reaches out around the world through the internet.  Our sermons and bible studies are being listened to by pastors and lay people throughout Zimbabwe thanks to the successful pastors conference we led there in previous years.  We also have listeners weekly in Moscow, Norway, Nicaragua, United Kingdom and scattered all across the USA.  It is humbling to think that God began this enormous ministry in a little back room with 12 people gathered together for a Bible Study.

There are way too many people of the faith to mention or thank who have contributed to the great success of Club Zion.  But the one person worthy to be mentioned, praised and thanked is the person of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.  As 2017 has arrived and we step out on to the playing field we need to remember that God holds the playbook, Jesus is our coach and the Holy Spirit is our strength.

Our big focus once again is our annual surf camp and mission trip, I am also excited about the new burden our church is taking on regarding our homeless community here at home and abroad.  I would also like to see 2017 be a year that our church focuses on Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Single Moms, Children and Youth.  In addition I would like to see all of our outreach ministries (Cz Riderz, Overcomers, Homeless, Food Pantry, Hospital Visitation, Surf Camp, Mission Trip, Spring Praise Fest, Winterfest, Christmas Parade, Christmas Eve Service, Nativity, Easter Sunrise Service…..the list goes on……) more encouraged to push beyond the borders that 2016 had and to seek through God’s direction to be more effective and focused on making 2017 the most successful in all our history.

My deepest desire and burden in ALL that we do is to see the sinner be saved, the lost be found and the blind see.  Please join me in this years great privilege and celebration of serving our Lord Jesus Christ in ALL we do.

Galatians 6:9
And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart


Your Humble Servant in the Lord,

Pastor Keith Capizzi

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