Club Zion Food Pantry Needs Your Help

feed_the_cityWe are called by Christ to aide the poor and give to those in need.

You can help by donating to our Food Pantry and providing assistance just when it’s needed most. This has been a difficult winter and our available supplies are at risk of running out.

To change that Club Zion is asking for your help.  This Sunday, February 28th please bring at least one canned or boxed food item to either service so we can begin to restock the Food Pantry.

FOOD PANTRYImagine being a parent trying to decide between keeping the power on and providing food for your children. It’s heartbreaking but your generosity can change that picture and truly make a difference in the lives of those struggling right now.

Just one can or box per family would help, but if you can bring more that would be wonderful and fill so many more needs!

Because no one should ever go to sleep hungry, remember to place the items by your door now and pick them up on the way to church Sunday.

Thanks in advance for your love and generosity!!!!!!!!!





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